Operation Capabilities


Supervision includes but are not limited to, door and window checks, spotlighting, drive around facility, money pick ups, parking lot patrols. What ever your security needs are, we can provide the supervision that you are looking for.

Supervision Mechanism
On Site – Daily Field Officer
Daily (Day & Night) Field Officer
Once Fortnightly Area Manager
Surprise Night Check Fortnightly Operations Manager/Area Manager
Monthly Surprise Check Operations Manager

Our Approach Towards Supervision

  • Surprise check day & night.
  • Cross checking through fake entry, identification etc
  • Meeting with the Operations Team.
  • Feedback.
  • Monthly Meeting with Operations Head.

Feedback / Report / Meeting mechanism


Every weekend you will be provided a feedback form (soft or hard copy), that will be collected by our field officer on Monday or any day as mutually decided. You can also email us on info@vigilantcorporateservices.com


Supervision Mechanism
1 MIS – Monthly to cover the major happenings, training, innovative measures, audit reports, VIP visits.
2 Attendance, Occurrence Reports, Daily Security Report
3 Defect/ Incident Capturing - On occurrence

Periodic Security Report: 

  • Recovery of returnable stores
  • Valuables found/ lost
  • Fire
5 Monthly report will also cover the analysis of all the feedback forms and the response


Review Meting Mechanism
Daily Field Office
Weekly Field Office/Area Manager
Fortnightly Area Manager/Sales Team
Monthly Operations Manager
As and when required Besides The Above, Our Team Will Be Available 24/7.

Response Time on Problem

Problem Response
Fire, Bomb Hoax, Union Problem, Accident Immediate / Travel Time  
Guard not on Post, Suspicious / Unusual activity, Threat Call

Immediate / Travel Time

Disorderly Conduct, Theft, Lost Items, Complaints 1-3 hrs

Manpower Replacement

Due To Response
Absenteeism / Leave Within 2 hrs 
No client request Within 12-14 hrs 
Any other problem 24 hrs

Job Performance

Develop an Operations Manual specific to the site:

  • Define all Processes.
  • Create post specific Standing Operating Procedures.
  • List out possible triggers, define a definite escalation process for each trigger.
  • Develop Quality Standards and Measure.
  • Build a scorecard process for evaluation and review of services.
  • Coordinate with all levels and ensure smooth functioning.

It will also include:

  • Posts to be manned
  • Clear responsibilities outlined by position by shift
  • Standing Operating Procedures
  • Emergency Procedures for Fire, Evacuation, Bomb Hoax etc
  • Registers to be maintained with exact formats documented
  • Escalation processes defined & reviewed
  • Incident resolution & response to be defined & followed
  • MIS to be generated with exact formats documented
  • Training