Our Training & Development

How do employers expect their employees to work effectively if the individuals are not trained properly in the first place. Numerous factors drive business success, but in this industry training and development of each and every personnel is the priority and this is the driving force of our organization. The reason because we believe that by effective training and development we minimize error and make aware ourselves at every point of time. Our Training & Development Mechanism are as follows:

On Job Training (one to one) : Once a week

Which includes the essential duties, reporting, day happenings and any special instructions. Conducted by Assignment Manager / Supervisor.

Fire Evacuation / Fire Fighting : Conducted once a month

Practical demonstration plus Lecture, by providing written and printed document. All the Training & Development need are covered and conducted by Training Officer or assigned manager.

Collective Training

  • Register Management/Reporting/Call Management
  • Job Responsibilities
  • Frisking/Code of conduct & Behavior
  • Visitor, Vendor & Key Control
  • Computer Training Program
  • Fire drills
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Evacuation/Bomb Threats/Hoax Calls/First Aid/Hardware familiarization
  • Material Movement/Management
  • Control & frisking of contractual staff

We know the importance of training & development and how to do it. And we believe we have the most creative and interactive methods to do it apart from the normal training. Kindly have a look.

  • Assignment for each and every employees weekly basis to improve English and Mathematics.
  • On-site awareness program.
  • Conflict management.
  • Team management games.
  • Security etiquette.
  • Reporting etiquette.